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He is the holder of the Public Brokerage 80 of Mexico City, patent that he obtained on 2013.  That same year, he obtained the patent as a certified private mediator by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City.  Among its professional merits, highlights the structuration and implementation of a new legal model for the recovery of past due portfolio and assets, documenting successfully more than one thousand operations.

He lends its services to diverse financial societies and to asset restructuring companies; he acts as auditor for companies seeking to obtain financing; he participates in the construction of investment projects as the responsible of the legal structure and assets appraisal, and he works as an independent professional for the implementation of politics against money laundering.


He obtained his law degree in the Iberoamerican University, in which he also studied the master “Law in the international business”; he graduated with the thesis International Business, money laundering and drugs. Notes about the criminal globalization.  He is a specialist in real estate appraisal and has a master in Penal Law in the University of Seville.  He has three diplomates: International Oral Litigation in the Alberto Hurtado University, International Commercial Arbitration in the Escuela Libre de Derecho and Objects of Art Appraisal in the Casa Lamm Cultural Centre.


He is in charge in GRND of the corporate, appraisal, public brokerage and alternate means of dispute resolution areas.



He is a finance and corporate lawyer with wide experience in stock market and banking operations.  Among his professional merits, standout the structuration, implementation and follow up of legal compliance programs for stock market companies, as well as for financial entities.  Also, he has established testing programs in Mexico for international financial entities.

He has participated in diverse financial international operations, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investment projects with self-payment source, assets securitization and capital issuance and debt.


He has worked in financial and corporate firms and has also collaborated with companies that are listed in the stock exchange market to stablish sound corporate governance, coordinate financial legal teams and the fulfilment of financial reports.  Additionally, he has lead compliance team projects of financial entities with global presence for the implementation of controls, new regulations and compliance programs.


He obtained his law degree in the Iberoamerican University and studied a master on Finance Law Institutions in the Panamerican University.  He has a certification as counselor in investment strategies by the Mexican Association of Stock Market Intermediaries.


He participates in GRND as head of the banking, financial, laundering money prevention, mergers and acquisitions and stock market operation areas.



She is a specialized lawyer in telecommunication and information technology law, as well as in unfair competition.  Among her merits highlights the obtainment of the first permit in Mexico for a virtual mobile operator.  She has participated in the satellite services sector, in the representation of national and international operators.

She has been legal counselor in the fulfilment of license and concessions obligations, national and international public tenders and government agreements in relation to telecommunications activities.  She has represented diverse companies before international organisms, as the Interamerican Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) and the International Telecommunication Unit (UIT).

She has worked in firms as an associate in the telecommunications and information technology areas and has overseen special projects for a satellite operator company.  Recently, she served as counselor coordinator and chief of staff of Adriana Sofía Labardini Inzunza, commissioner of the Federal Telecommunications Institute.

She obtained her law degree in the Iberoamerican University, in which she also studied a master in International Business Law.  She also took a diplomate in Unfair Competition and the regulation in telecommunications and broadcast.

She is in charge, in GRND, of the telecommunications and information technology, unfair competition, privacy information areas.



He graduated with a special mention in Accounting in the Iberoamerican University.  He has postgraduate studies on actuarial math, investment analysis, econometry, financial markets and politic economy in the Chicago University, ITAM, ITESM and CIDE, respectively.  Currently, he is candidate to the MBA of the Texas University and to the CFA program, level 1.

He worked in Citigroup on the Capital Markets Origination Unit, in the Corporate Treasury of Grupo Lala, where he handled assets of more than 500 million of dollars. He also contributed in its IPO.  Today is cofounder of the Digital Education Platform Certification E, with hundreds of hours in courses, several expositors and thousands of alumni capacitated in more than six countries. With this experience in big data and digital marketing, he has participated in the implementation of online programs in organizations as the Iberoamerican University and the Labor Secretary.

He has taught in the Iberoamerican University about social media, investments, financial markets, among others.  Currently, he coordinates the diplomate Investments of social impact in the same university.  He has also participated in several entrepreneurship, investments and personal finance conferences and seminaries, in prestige universities and institutions.  He contributes with diverse communication media in radio and television.

He participates in GRND with economic studies, viability studies of financial operations, market analysis and structuration financial models in diverse operations.

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