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Amparo (Habeus Corpus)

The defense of our clients’ interests should be as broad as possible.  Thus, we have a specialized team for the processing of Amparo procedures against any act of authority that infringes the rights recognized in the constitution.


We offer the presentation of such an extraordinary medium of defense before the District Courts, before the Unitary and Collegiate Courts, as well as before the National Supreme Court of Justice.


Direct Amparo

Indirect Amparo

Acquire a provisional suspension and, at its time, a definitive suspension of the claimed acts.

Legal representation before any federal instances.

Civil, Commercial and Administrative Amparos.

Competencia Económica

Unfair Competition

Our lawyers have experience in matters and operations related with unfair competition.

Concentrations notifications.

Counseling on research on absolute and relative monopolistic practices.

Reply to information requirements from the investigative authority and from the unfair competition authorities.

Administrative procedures.

Opinions on mergers and acquisitions.

Correduría Pública

Legal Brokerage

Our group of public brokers is formed by specialized professionals in the creation and consolidation of Mexican corporations.  No matter the region of the country in which you live, we have a correspondent office.  Agility distinguishes us: we perform almost immediately diligences about facts, situations, status and any other commercial matter.  To date, we have performed more than 20 thousand operations nationwide.


Document notifications.

Payment requirement.


Certifications about facts, situations, etc.

Protest of documents.

Certification and collation of documents in any volume. 

Cumplimiento Regulatorio

Regulatory Compliance

Both for financial institutions and for companies and corporations, regulatory compliance has become a great concern.  In GRND, we turn the compliance in an opportunity to generate value in your company.

Our team provide specialized services that guarantee the fulfilment of the objectives, as well as the fulfilment of the applicable regulatory frameworks.

Training in national and foreign law, as well as a culture of regulatory compliance in the organizations; conflict of interest; management of inside information (insider trading).

Counseling for the implementation of compliance programs.

Analysis and design of controls in relation to the applicable regulatory framework for organizations.

Advice on legal risk management

External Audits

Design, implementation and execution of testing and monitoring for financial entities, stock exchange companies and companies with solid corporate governance.

In an area that requires of specialized teams, with constant updates and a wide vision, we have personal that has successfully participated in diverse operations in the financial sector.

Derecho Bancario

Banking and Financial Law

Negotiation and documentation of diverse credit operations (destiny, warrant, structure, syndicated, unsecured credits)

Advisory to financial intermediaries.

Authorizations procedures and relationship with Mexican financial authorities.

Audit for the determination of the fulfilment of regulatory requirements.

Legal structuration of projects that implicate financing of infrastructure, construction, M&A, assets.

Credit or debt restructure.

Constitution of all kinds of warrants.

Derecho Bursátil

Stock Market Law

We have attorneys that have collaborated with stock market intermediaries, and whom have an extensive preparation to advise in this matter.

Advisory with respect to the applicable legal framework in stock market matter, and relationship with authorities and dependencies.

Organization and legal structure of entities participating in the stock market.

Drafting of agreements.

External Legal Audits.

Advice for issuers and investors in the securities market in transactions involving debt or equity instruments

Regulatory and compliance framework in stock market regulation.

Derecho Corporativo

Corporate Law

We provide an integral and agile service for the promotion and support in the formation and consolidation of corporate governance.  We have successfully advised various companies for them to formalize strategic alliances, shareholder agreements and corporate agreements.

1. Corporate

Notification and formalization of Assembly minutes.

Drafting Counsel Sessions

Mergers and excision

Dissolutions and settlements

Capital increases or decreases

Appointment of Legal Representatives

Elaboration of corporate and equity securities books

Design and implementation of sound corporate governance

Training in best corporate practices

Negotiation of shareholders' agreements

Design of investment schemes through shares, assets, mergers or excision acquisitions

Due diligence


2. Immigration Law

The care of the principal executives of our clients, subject to immigration conditions, is fundamental to have a proper performance of business.  That is the main reason we can support with any matter before the immigration authorities.

Counseling and support with the legal entry to Mexico of our clients´ executives and technicians.

Obtainment and renewal of visas and other immigration documents for the executives and its families.

3. Industrial and Intellectual Property

Nowadays, one of the most important assets of any company is the acknowledgement and protection given to trademarks, industrial secrets, patents and copyright.  In GRND, we are committed to the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights in the best way possible.  We are also, in position to prepare license and franchise agreements.

Trademark and slogan search and viability analysis

Slogans registrations

Trademark registrations and issuance of title

Drafting of transmission agreements or right assignments

Patents registration

Appellation of origin

Utility models, industrial designs, circuits diagrams



Telecommunication rights and Information Technologies

Telecommunications have become one of the most important sectors in the world.  Telecommunications represents the possibility of fastest processes and global communications for the companies.  Also, they are an essential element of all the productive activities and a catalyst of the economy and of the development of the society.

In this practice area, we have specialized lawyers that provide attention to the companies, in Mexico and in foreign countries.  Our lawyers have broad experience obtaining licenses and concessions in telecommunications and broadcasting matters for the provision of several services, like telephony, satellite services, data transmission, restricted TV services, among others; also, to fulfill obligations due to such concessions or licenses.  Also, our attorneys have participated as representatives of the Telecommunications Federal Institute and of the Communications and Transport Ministry; and before international organisms, like the International Telecommunications Unit (ITU) and the Interamerican Telecommunications Commission (CITEL).

Advisory and counseling in relation with the regulatory framework in telecommunications and broadcasting matter.

Analysis and obtainment of concessions and licenses, as well as any other authorization and opinion in telecommunications and broadcasting matter.

Organization and structure of companies participating in the telecommunication market.

Participation in national and international public tenders and government contracts.

Representation before telecommunications and broadcasting matter authorities and before international organisms.

Comparative analysis of foreign legislation and international regulation.

Audit and creation of politics in privacy protection and personal data management.

Advisory with respect to the internal use of electronic services.

Fusiones y Adquisiciones

Mergers and acquisitions

We understand the importance that this kind of operations have; that is why we offer services that fulfill the highest standards of confidentiality, information care, due diligence and precise advisory.  Our collaborators count with technics and alternative means for negotiation and resolution of any controversy that could arise in the processes related with any merger or acquisition.

Due diligence

Mergers and acquisition operations of companies in Mexico and abroad.

Advisory for buyers and sellers of any kind of company.

Restructuring operations, joint-ventures, private equity investments, asset acquisition and excisions.

Litigio Mercantil

In GRND, we acknowledge the great work load that the Mexican judicial courts have, as well as the importance for our clients to count with tools that give them certainty and that help with the dispute resolution, thus, we have a specialized team in alternative means of dispute resolutions that take care of our clients’ interests and provide the best solution for all the parts involved.

This kind of service, has allowed us to develop a series of new useful products for the structuration of legal operations and acts with speed and legal certainty.

Alternative Means of Dispute Resolutions

With the aim of satisfying all the legal necessities of our clients, we have strategic alliances with postulant attorneys that will represent our clients in any commercial or civil matter.  Trusting us with the management of these matters through this mechanism, we absorb all responsibility and diligence with respect to such attorneys, coordinating and looking for success.

Commercial Litigation


Legal representation before local and federal courts.

Breach of contracts, damage claims and claims in general arising out of wrongful acts.

Administrative procedures.

Conciliation of interests between parties.

Alternative means of dispute resolutions.

Prevention or solution of conflicts.




Prevención de Lavado de Dinero

Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance Prevention

Due to the complexity of the structures and mechanisms that the criminal groups have developed to perform laundering money operations and to finance terrorism, an imperious need is created inside and outside the financial System, to eradicate such operations that affect the corporations and people worldwide.  In GRND, we implemented strong programs of compliance that allow to control the risks that the activities of raising funds and granting credit entail, and generate, in parallel, a capitalizable value for your company.

We stand out for offering the best tools and for covering the extensive and complex requirements from the financial regulatory national or internationals authorities.

Design and implementation of PLD/FT compliance structure for corporations, financial entities or gatekeepers.

Elaboration and implementation of politics and manuals of identification “know your customer” of clients and manuals PLD/FT.

Development of politics, process, procedures and internal control in PLD/FT

Ensure the correct application of the procedures to prevent and identify the operations with wrongful precedence.

Realize periodical revisions of documents about the knowledge of the market through the different segments where it is.

Advisory and improvement of PLD/FT procedures.

Implementation of regulatory obligations.

Capacitation for the design or elaboration of risk matrices.

Manual and matrix for risk management.

Capacitation in PLD for corporation personnel.

Manuals for legal compliance for public notaries.



In accordance with the Public Brokerage Federal Law and its regulation, the appraisal formulated by a public broker is legally binding and has legal certainty.  The appraisal services that we offer are:



Appraisal of all kind of goods, services, rights and obligations

1. Appraisals


Industrial Property Rights (patents, inventions, industrial designs, distinctive signs, franchises, software and computation services).

Credit rights.

Quantification of damages in judicial matter.

Machinery and industrial, commercial and/or service equipment, and its accessories.



Jewels and art objects.

Transference prices

Appraisal of corporation or businesses

Appraisal of intangibles

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